The Story of Cubelogy

Some problems of our world can be solved only by collaboration and endeavour of creative professionals. That’s why we built Cubelogy for you. Easy-to-use platform backed by power of thousands of GPUs to help you solve the hardest problems you have to tackle.
How will you use it?

3D Cube (CSS transform)

Established 2020

In 2019 two IT specialists Miroslav Kočí and Tomáš Huťa got together to work on their common goal – providing computing power to anyone. As a result they founded Cubelogy technologies s.r.o. to give their endeavor legal framework.


We use our own data centers located in Czechia in European Union. The servers are optimized for our technology and infrastructure, safe and protected, with 99,98% uptime. 

Who can benefit the most from Cubelogy?

Individuals, corporations and institutions who need a lot of GPU processing power for their work or
entertainment. Movie studios, artificial intelligence developers, car manufacturers, cryptocurrency
miners, cyber security professionals and many others. All these professionals will benefit from
infrastructure and processing power of Cubelogy.


Q3 2020

Platform launch - DONE

Q3 2020

SSH implementation - DONE

1 June 2018

NAS implementation

1 June 2018
Q1 2021

Kubernetes deployment

Q1 2021
Q2 2021

API Interface

Q2 2021

Turn your ideas into your greatest work. Now you have the power.