So, how many GPUs?

Provide your employees with supercomputer without any maintenance or hardware costs.

Pay only for what you use.

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Blockchain Blockchain processing

Use Cubelogy infrastructure for running a node or exploring new possibilities of decentralization and smart contracts.

Machine learning Machine learning

Let our data centres train your AI algorithms easily. You can process also huge datasets.  

Science Science simulations

Are you solving hard science problems that need extreme power to calculate the correct answer? Cubelogy will give you a hand.

Rendering Rendering

Render animations, movies, or architectonic visualizations in minutes instead of days.

Regular backups

No data loss, ever. You will find your project in exact state you have left it.

As much GPU power as you need

If you ever need more, just add more Cubes.


Every millisecond counts. Our systems are built to be quick and easy to use, so you don't waste time and resources, but increase your productivity.

Whole corporation in the cloud? This is not a sci-fi novel. It's the year 2021.

Cubelogy is a strategical win for startups and corporations. It doesn’t matter which device your employees use or where they are. An internet connection is all they need to access all the corporate IT infrastructure.

1. Bring your own device (BYOD)

Your employees can use their own device to access their cloud computer. The corporate computer is available after logging into their Cubelogy account.

2. Remote, mobile or contract employees

It does not matter. Manage all your colleagues’ computers in one place. All their work is safely saved in the Cubelogy cloud.

3. Security

Completely encrypted connection to our servers ensures your privacy. What’s more, your valuable know-how is stored locally on our servers and not on computers of your employees.

4. Lower the costs and reduce the complexity of IT departments

Manage everything in one uncluttered dashboard. Easily add accounts and set their parameters. Never again will you need to worry about aging hardware. Pay-as-you-go.

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